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Paintman Auto Body LLC has been providing superior results and satisfaction to customers of since 1995. Because dealing with an accident can be so stressful, it’s our personal commitment to help you by delivering friendly and accommodating service, convenience and unsurpassed quality in the restoration of your vehicle. We have a dedicated standard to absolute quality and make sure that each and every vehicle, no matter what size or condition, leaves our facility in its original, pre-collision capacity.

At Paintman Auto Body LLC, your vehicle is in the hands of experienced professionals. We use the latest collision repair technology and provide ongoing training for all of our technicians to ensure that every vehicle leaves our shop meeting pre-collision manufacturer’s specifications.


Our Services

Quality and Functionality, Guaranteed


Custom Paint and Airbrushing

Making your car one of a kind.

We are well known for our custom paint and airbrushing services. Our goal is to bring your vision to life.

Collision Repair

Insurance / Out of pocket

Accidents happen — don’t let car repairs get in your way. There are a wide variety of problems that can occur with your vehicle when involved in an auto accident, and Paintman Auto body has the proper equipment and experience to locate, repair and/or replace the damage quickly and effectively. Call us to take care of your Collision Repair needs today, and ensure your vehicle is safe and sound to protect you and your family. We deal with the insurance companies, so you wont have to.



Partial / Full Restorations

We understand how much your classic car means to you and we will treat your restoration or repair with the quality care and respect it deserves, We believe that a restoration should last a lifetime and beyond, so we strive to provide our clients with quality restoration services that will last for generations.

Fleet Vehicle Repair

Roll On

A well taken care of fleet is crucial for any business or organization that relies on cars, trucks and other vehicles for their day to day operations. If your fleet is banged up, suffering from peeling paint, or is otherwise unsightly, people may look elsewhere for the services you provide, assuming the condition of your vehicles reflects your work ethic. We can get your vehicles looking great again.


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